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Confidential Transcriptions provides a highly confidential transcription service and can transcribe recordings from both audio and digital recordings, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to businesses throughout New Zealand and Worldwide.

Confidential Transcriptions operates from New Zealand and is therefore ideal for providing a transcription service for people overseas. New Zealand is an English speaking country so there should be no problems with this language in the English or American version, and every effort is made to ensure this and cater for the speaker. Transcription work is increasingly being sourced abroad as the difference in time zone can be an advantage where files can be downloaded, transcribed and transmitted back overnight or following day to ensure a faster turnaround time.

To ensure the utmost confidentiality, Confidential Transcriptions does not outsource your files or subcontract your work to anyone and all files are purged from the system once the work is completed. Your files are handled with the utmost discretion and the transcriptionist is happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Confidential Transcriptions specializes in transcribing material for books, medical reports, legal documents, research interviews for journalists, technical writers, focus groups, and private individuals, as well as opinions, discussions, conference calls, verbatims, manuscripts, lectures, seminars, speeches, travel diary notes, or any other recorded material that needs to be put into text.

Your recording can be sent via email or by uploading the file on some share audio site to be downloaded, such as Transfer Big Files, YouSendIt, Dropbox, or even couriered depending on your required turnaround, together with the template of your choice.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and integrity will be maintained at all times.

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