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Confidential Transcription Services

• Digital Voice Transcription: Using the latest speech recognition software and digital technology, we can transcribe your digital recording for you. You can send us your recording from your PC or laptop from anywhere in the world.

• Dictaphone Tape Transcription: We cater for micro and standard cassettes and can transcribe your tapes quickly and efficiently.

• Turnaround: We can work with you to deadlines.

• Privacy and Confidentiality: All digital files are purged and deleted on completion. All documents are safely destroyed or returned per your instructions. Your work will be done in a secure environment and confidentiality agreements can be signed on request.

• Medical, Legal and General: All medical, legal and technical terminology and reference material are checked to ensure a high quality document.

Confidential Transcriptions provide an accurate, affordable and secure transcription service for General Medical Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Physical Therapists and Rehabilitation Practitioners, Vocational Assessors, Psychologists and Counsellors, and Independent Medical Assessors.

• Templates: We are happy to use the templates you provide.

Why choose Confidential Transcriptions?

  • Outsourcing is a practical, flexible and cost-effective option that allows each party to focus on their core business.
  • You eliminate costly overheads, downtime and the effects of uneven workflow.
  • You receive a professional service without the hassles of recruiting, training, succession planning and managing leave.
  • We deliver quality cost-effective transcripts with professionalism and confidentiality.
  • You save on management costs.
  • We can transcribe dictation from anywhere in the world.


  • Document Formatting
  • Proof Reading
  • Powerpoint Presentations, new presentations, edits and updates.
  • Translation Services
  • Web Design

Please CONTACT US to discuss your needs.