Confidential Transcriptions exists for this reason: what matters to our customers, matters to us. Confidentiality is a high-priority, and the basis for what we do as a confidential transcription service. We specialize in transcribing data of a very sensitive nature, from government, corporate, and private organizations, both in New Zealand and overseas. In fact, every customer we encounter, no matter their status, background, or vocation - all materials and content are confidential. We have been highly sought after because of the service we have provided to our customers: confidentiality, professionalism, excellent customer service, integrity of our name, what we stand for, and believe in.

Confidential Transcriptions has been engaging with, and meeting client-need for 15 years, with the utmost assurance of care and integrity at all times. Your materials are received in-house, in a secure office environment. CT has a team of skilled transcriptionists who have signed non-disclosure agreements, and treat all materials with high regard. We maintain client records in-house, and are kept and stored in a secure office. All audio is deleted upon completion of an order.

Our goal is to meet client need and expectation with regard to product, service and delivery, while maintaining and providing assurance that their work is in good, safe hands. To provide high-quality, confidential, and professional transcription services: medical, legal, business, all subject matter and realated industries. Confidential Transcriptions has an extensive background in transcribing accents from all around the world - in English, challenging audio, focus groups, research groups, and highly sensitive materials.

Our distinct advantage - what we can do for you:
  • Provide confidential, secure, and professional transcription services;
  • Provide fast turnaround/urgent transcription services;
  • Peace of mind knowing your materials are secure;
  • Enable you to leverage your time by utilizing ours;
  • Keep you updated until your order is completed;
  • Provide a 100% logging system upon request.
It is important to our clients, that when they are seeking a transcription service that they can trust, that they find the right one! A place where they know they can trust that the work will be handled with care, safeguarded, and that the job will get done!
It takes a load of their minds to know we, at Confidential Transcriptions, are taking care of their project.

“I am an academic who employed Lenna and her team to transcribe a large number of interviews that were highly sensitive and confidential in nature, and found them to be the perfect service for my needs. Their procedures enabled confidential and speedy transcription, and the professionalism of the Director and team, was second to none.

I would definitely recommend CT to anyone who requires an efficient turnaround where ethical considerations are of the utmost importance during the transcription process” – L.

Thank you to CT’s team of skilled transcriptionists. To receive feedback like that, is of the highest praise and reward for us. That’s all that matters at the end of the day, is that our clients feel at ease about Confidential Transcriptions, and that the work they are entrusted with, is executed in a timely, professional, and trustworthy manner.

Confidential. Privileged. Protected.

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