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We require the following information at all times when you are placing an order with CT:

1. Your full name and contact details, website, company, employment. We like to know who we are working with, and are entrusting our time, care, and attention to. It is also good to have record.

2. Your work status.

3. Relevant info about work to be carried out: how many people in recordings, if more than one-on-one, how many. Any special requirements. Any information that you wish to provide.

4. Agreement to our payment terms: prompt payment 5-7 days. For most universities and government departments, 20th of the following month from date of invoice.

5. Upload your files and send to us. Clients often use: www.dropbox.com, share folder or link with us to access files: www.wetransfer.com, www.hightail.com, to name a few. Some attach to email, and others courier flash drives.

How long does it take to transcribe an audio recording?

It is a commonly held misconception that it only takes one hour to transcribe one hour of recorded material. People speak about 4 to 5 times faster than an experienced transcriptionist can type. Therefore, one (1) hour of clear audio and speech, intelligent verbatim, two (2) people, standard format, takes approximately four (4) hours to transcribe.

For focus groups, research groups, any situation where there are multiple speakers - depending on the quality of audio and speech dynamics, it can take anywhere from 5 to 5+ hours to transcribe. Everything depends on the quality of audio and speech, and your requirements. Interestingly, people speak seven times faster than they write and four times faster than they type, which is why one needs to allow four times the length of a recording.

How long does it take to transcribe one (1) hour of audio?

We use a standard ratio of four (4) hours to transcribe one (1) hour of clear audio and speech, two people, intelligent verbatim, standard format. Whatever the length is of your recording(s), multiply by four.

Why do some recordings take much longer to transcribe?

We take the quality of our transcriptions very seriously but often receive recordings where the quality of the recording is so poor that the voices of those speaking are unintelligible. We work to produce an intelligent, professional, and readable transcript, and will always strive to do so, regardless of quality. The following are some of the reasons why it takes longer than our standard ratio to transcribe:
  • More than two people (in total) in the recording;
  • Over-talking, very fast talking, background noise, noise of any kind - internal and external, music playing loud, people talking in the background;
  • Thick and very strong accents, often coupled with fast talk and mumbled, indistinct speech;
  • Slow to speak, a lot of pauses, false starts, stop/start speech patterns, broken speech patterns;
  • Voices very quiet, often to a whisper, speaking away from the microphone, speaking while walking around, speaking in noisy places - a cafe.
Any speech or sound dynamic in a recording that is not audibly and intelligently clear, will always take longer to transcribe.

Tips for clearer recordings

  • Use an excellent recording device, understand how it works, and maximize all of its capabilities;
  • Avoid recording in noisy surroundings, where possible. Some people feel comfortable at a cafe;
  • In group situations, request that only one person speak at a time (where possible);
  • Encourage and direct each person present to speak in a louder, clearer voice;
  • Encourage each person to speak at a normal speed, not fast;
  • Place the device central to all parties to be recorded;
  • All parties to speak toward the device;
  • Take the lead, set the tone and pace for your recording.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, to discuss your requirements, or to simply enquire. We are here to assist.

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