Confidential Transcriptions' Pricing

Price is what you pay, valued assurance is what you get!

Confidential Transcriptions has been providing the highest quality confidential transcription services for 15 years, to customers nationwide, and globally. Built on a solid foundation of integrity, professionalism, and the utmost regard for a client’s right to a confidential service, and relationship.

What matters to our clients, matters to us. We are privileged that we are entrusted with their sensitive materials, and projects, with no limit to industry or subject matter. We provide specialized services with specialist pricing.

We charge for our ‘time’ to transcribe your recordings. We work promptly to process and fulfil all orders, to meet client need and expectation. We are flexible and we appreciate your flexibility in return. If urgency is required, or fast-tracking ahead of other orders - we can do that too! We are inundated with client orders and respectively, request that our time is acknowledged. It often requires that we are working afterhours, into the night, weekends, and public holidays, to complete your orders.

"Speedy delivery deserves speedy payment!" – S.

Interview and General Transcription Services

$50 per hour of transcription time. We are not limited to subject matter, or related industries.

Medical Transcription Services

$70 per hour of transcription time. We will assess according to your specific needs. We may charge one-off pricing for very short dictations and reports.

Legal Transcription Services

$70 per hour of transcription time. We may charge one-off pricing for very short dictations and reports.

Māori Transcription Services

We transcribe many Māori projects that are recorded in English, but contain many kupu Māori. We can provide some Māori translation services, and will assess if we can meet your specific need, or not. We may go over our standard 4:1 ratio if there is a lot of te reo in the recordings.

Proofreading and Editing Services

If you require proofreading word for word, with document and recording, for optimum accuracy (according to quality of recording and speech), we simply charge per hour of our time taken to do so, per rates above, and in addition to transcription time. We will assess your needs.

Urgent Transcription Services/Afterhours/Fast-tracking/Weekends/Public Holidays

Simply add $5 to the above hourly rates listed for all transcription services.


Ask us for a discount on any orders of a sizeable volume, and on an ongoing basis. We are flexible, and provide bulk discounts for bulk orders. Ask us at the time of your enquiry, and/or, placing your order.


Most often than not, a fixed quote of your recordings is required, you raise a purchase order, we receive it and commence work, and we know who to invoice. Some do not require a fixed quote, but will raise a purchase order, and you will be invoiced for the amount of work that is carried out.

Our ratio, your guide, when placing an order

We work on a ratio of 4 hours to transcribe 1 hour of clear audio and speech, two people, intelligent verbatim, standard format. We exceed our ratio for these reasons:
  • More than two people in the interview
  • Quality issues: noise of any kind (cafes, etc), excessive over-talk, very quiet voices, background conversations, music, very fast talking, etc. Anything that is not clear and audible.
  • One speaker working at a time, combined with significant quality issues.
  • Thick accents, often combined with very fast talk.
  • Special requirements: formatting, time-stamps, strict verbatim, colums, etc.
We are not miracle workers but we are best at what we do, and our best efforts are in accordance with the quality of recording that you have provided us with.

Confidential. Privileged. Protected.

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