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Confidential Transcriptions is here to serve you! We provide excellence in terms of services, product, and delivery. It is our high priority to maintain confidentiality, assurance, integrity and a high level of care, in everything we do. Our clients entrust us with themselves, their projects, and they have high expectations of us to deliver the following:

Legal Transcriptions

We transcribe legal interviews, legal reports, memos, emails, documents. Contact us for your requirements and we will assess what needs doing and how we can best meet your needs. Legal transcription also covers sensitive materials for courts, hearings, and preliminary, or multidisciplinary matters.

“It is always reassuring to know Lenna will be available to help me with the following services, with precision and promptness: legal transcription services, proofreading, editing and reviewing documents, drafting legal documents (termination notices), secretarial services” - F.

Medical Transcription

We have transcribed specialist reports, interviews, emails, memos, and other medical requirements for transcription. We will work with you to find out what your special requirements are, and how we can meet your needs.

Research and Academic Transcription

Confidential Transcriptions has transcribed large volumes of recordings for various universities and educational facilities, who are conducting research projects throughout the country. Often, the research being conducted is of a very sensitive and confidential nature. These come to us in the form of interviews, focus groups, and research groups. Clients often require the transcriptions so that they can carry out a word analysis, and thus requiring, accurate verbatim transcription.

“Lenna is the fourth transcriber I have tried during my research process, and she has provided me with the most accurate transcription. I have already reviewed the audio file and done my analysis; because it was virtually perfect transcription, I was able to concentrate on the content and not on having to correct errors. I am very pleased. Thank you.” – J.

Interview Transcription

We transcribe interviews of all subject matter, background, and industry. Unless you provide us with your template, we use our own CT template, and we will transcribe in a professional, intelligent, and readable format.

Māori Transcription

We transcribe many Māori projects that are recorded in English, but contain many kupu Māori . We can provide some Māori translation services, and will assess if we can meet your specific need, or not. We transcribe hui, focus groups, hearings, interviews, etc.

“Not only have you provided a quick turnaround of the interviews but the transcripts are professionally done and are a clear and accurate record of the audio recordings. There was quite a bit of Maori language in the audio and this has been transcribed correctly in all of the interviews” - N.

Urgent Transcription

This is what we do! Often clients want it yesterday, we are human and we do our level best to meet all deadlines, and in excess of.

Discuss your needs with us and view our rates on our PRICING page.

Verbatim Transcription

We provide strict verbatim - every oral utterance. Strict verbatim takes much longer to transcribe. Intelligent verbatim, and edited verbatim. Discuss your requirements with us, and ask for clarity if you need it. Here to help and glad to be of service.

Focus Groups/Meetings

All subject matter and related industry. Focus groups can start with as few as three (3) people, up to 20+ people. They take longer to transcribe because the amount of people, speech dynamics, and often quality issues arising. We do not identify individual speakers, but we provide an intelligent, professional, and readable format to our clients.

Oral History Transcription

Oral history is a “sacred” journey of one’s life, and at some stage, many folk want to relay that story, capture it all, and share with family, and may even publish a book. We transcribe oral history and each project is handled with care.

'Book Transcription

Authors have a lot to say, a lot they want to share, a lot they believe in, a lot about their personal and private, and sacred journey through life. It is not always easy to get it out there. They start by getting it down on recording. If I get asked, “Where do I start?” I reply, “Just talk, don’t worry about punctuating or sounding politically correct. Just talk and leave the rest to us.” By that I mean, we do what we do best: we transcribe. We are transcriptionists. Your publishers and editors will polish and refine your final copy!

Proofreading and Editing

If you require proofreading word for word, with document and recording, for optimum accuracy (according to quality of recording and speech), we simply charge per hour of our time taken to do so, per rates above, and in addition to transcription time. We will assess your needs. If you have other proofreading or editing requirements, contact us for more info.

General Transcription

Confidential Transcriptions provides a very broad range of transcription. General covers all subject matter, and related industries, for small to medium, to large corporate businesses, inclusive of governmental departments nationwide. Including copy typing of your handwritten drafts.

Counselling Sessions

Our underlying reason for why we exist is to ensure the absolute privacy of all client material, regardless of content and subject matter. Counselling sessions are extremely confidential. A counselling session is privileged information, and client/counsellor relationship is highly regarded, with permission (and often requirement) to transcribe the same. Our job is to transcribe. Our goal is to meet client need and expectation. Our reward is knowing that we have done just that!

Please note, for all the above services, view our RATES. We charge per hour of time for everything we do pertaining to your order. If there is anything you are unsure of, make contact with us, and we will be glad to assist.

Confidential. Privileged. Protected.

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