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Confidential Transcriptions provides a highly confidential transcription service, particularly specialising in the transcription of sensitive material from government, corporate and private organisations both in New Zealand and overseas, for which a confidentiality agreement can be provided for the protection of sensitive material. All sensitive material is processed exclusively in-house where it is subject to additional security measures. Files are stored securely while transcription is in progress and purged upon receipt of confirmation by the requester that the transcript has been received. Rest assured that your material will be handled with the utmost integrity and discretion.

Transcription work is increasingly being sourced abroad as the difference in time zone can be an advantage where files can be downloaded, transcribed and transmitted back to the requester overnight; however consideration should be given to allow time for the material to be transcribed, allowing 1 hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clearly recorded speech, therefore at least 4 hours to transcribe a 1-hour recording, and allow an equivalent time of the duration of the recording for proof reading if required.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and integrity will be maintained at all times.

That said, many people who outsource transcription to workers in a non English speaking country to achieve cost-savings often receive substandard work, but with New Zealand being a predominantly English speaking country we have no problem transcribing recordings of English or American speakers, even if the speaker or one of the speakers speak English with a foreign accent.

Confidential Transcriptions also specializes in transcribing material for legal documents, medical reports, research interviews for journalists, technical writers, business groups, and private individuals, as well as opinions, discussions, conference calls, verbatims, manuscripts, lectures, seminars, speeches, travel diary notes, books; in fact, any recorded material that needs to be put into text.

Your recordings can be sent via email or uploaded to a secure site for downloading, such as Dropbox.

Please CONTACT to discuss your requirements.